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How many legs does a cat have?

Four. A cat has two front legs and two back legs.

Is the cat has 2 legs?

a cat has 2 legs and 2 arms

What do you do when your cat can’t move its legs?

The cat has Tetraplegia (paralysis of the legs). Consult a Veterinarian.

Can a cat walk if it breaks it’s leg?

yes. has three more legs to walk with.

How many legs does a cat have-?

A normal cat always have four(4) legs, and one tail.

Cat kicking back legs in pain?

Lumbosacral is pain at the end of the spine on a cat and it can cause them to kick their hind legs. Fleas and their bites may be a reason a cat kicks their back legs in pain. Taking your cat to the vet will help you find out why you cat is in pain.

What has legs but can’t walk?

a cat with broken legs

How does the biceps brachii differ in human and cat?

Triceps Brachii is more developed in a cat than the humans because a cat walks on four legs while the Bicep Brachii is more developed in the human than the cat because humans have to use their hands a lot more than a cat uses its paws.

What does a cat have four of?

A cat has for legs, and four paws!

How are the cat and dog alike?

A cat and a dog legs are alike because they are both mammals. they also have 4 legs.

Is it bad luck for a cat to walk in between your legs?

It has been said that when a cat walks through your legs it is a sign of bad luck.

What has 4 or more legs and begins with the letter c?

cat, crocodile, caterpillar, cockroach, chair, camel, centipede

Where do you find a cat without legs?

There is no such thing as a cat without legs. There are cats that have less legs, due to accidents, and you can usually find those by asking around at your local animal shelter.

How many legs are on a bus that has 7 girls and each girl has 7 backpacks and in each backpack has 7 big cats and for every big cat there are 7 little cats?

I actually seem to find the answer to be 10992 legs (including a bus driver). Multiply 7 Girls by the 7 Backpacks. That gives you 49 Backpacks. Multiply 49 Backpacks by 7 Big Cats. That gives you 343 Big Cats. Multiply 343 Big Cats by 7 Little Cats. That gives you 2401 Little Cats. Multiply the 2401 Little Cats by 4 since each Little Cat has 4 legs. That gives you 9604 Little Cat legs…

How many legs do a dozens cats have?

if 1 cat has 4 legs then 12 cats have 12X4 = 48 legs

What are the parts of a cat?

Cats have ears, legs, eyes, feet, a tail, nose, mouth, fur, claws and many more

How many legs do 23 cats have?

Each cat has four legs, so 23 cats should have 92 legs.

What animal has more than 2 legs and has a backbone?

There are a great many animals with more than two legs and a backbone, here are a few examples, cat, dog, cow, goat, pig, horse, zebra, giraffe, elephant, mouse.

There are 7 girls in a bus Each girl has seven back packs In each backpack there are 7 big cats For every big cat there are 7 little cats Question How many legs are there in the bus?

each big cat has 7 little cat and each little cat has 4 legs. so total little cat’s leges= 4*7=28 each big cat has 4 legs, so 1 combination of big cat and 7 small cat cantain 28+4=224 so one bag contain total 224 leges total number of bag is 7 so 7*224=1568 legs,so total number of legs bages 1568. each girls has 2 legs, so total number of legs from one girl is 1568+2=1570…

A cat her kittens in a basket there are six more legs than ears in the basket how many kittens are in the basket?

there are three kittens in the basket: 3 kittens x 4 legs each = 12 legs in the basket 3 kittens x 2 ears each = 6 ears in the basket 12 legs – 6 ears = 6 more legs than ears in the basket

Which part of body cat use to scratch?

A cat uses its hind legs to scratch.

What does it mean if a cat curls its tail underneath between its legs?

It means the cat is afraid.

What do you call a cat with twice as many legs as a normal cat?

cats you have to add the s

How many legs are there in all if theres a Seven men have seven sacks eacheach sacks has 7 cat each cat has 7 kiyyen?

There are 70 legs. 7×2=14+28=42+28=70 legs

How long should a cats legs be?

It all depends on what kind of cat it is. If your cat had really short legs, there is a possibility that it could be a munchkin. A cats legs can be any type of length. There as so many different kinds of cats out there, it really doesn’t matter what length the legs are.

Who has more than two legs?

There are several thousand creatures with more than two legs. here are a few dog cat rat rabbit centepede cockaroach Tasmanian devil lion cheetah giraffe elephant oliphant wolf Is that enough?

Do cats have claws in there back legs?

They do have claws in there hind legs, as in there front legs. You can always search for it on Wikipedia and search «Cat Anatomy».

How do bob cats move?

The cat move with there legs

What is the difference between a spider and a leopard?

A spider has 8 legs and is small. A leopard has 4 legs and is a cat.

What type of cat has short back legs and long front legs?

One domestic cat that has short back legs and long front legs is known as «The Bombay». However, it has been ascertained that some three percent of all the domestic felines have this feature, so it is likely not a breed at all.

Why does your otherwise unaffectionate cat come running and rubs on your legs purring when you go pee?

A cat will rub its body and head on your legs because it is marking you as its own.The cat believes you are his/hers. Purring can be a sign of happiness, anger, frightened, or excitment.

Why would a cat be sensitive under its front legs?

There is no specific condition that makes cats sensitive under their front legs. The cat may have arthritis in the shoulders or front legs, 강아지 종류 it could have swollen lymph nodes, or it may have hurt its spine or neck.

Each bag carries a big cat and each big cat carries a little cat how many legs are there?

That depends on how many bags there are

How do Tasmanian devils move around?

It walks or runs, just like a dog or cat walks or runs. Its front legs are slightly longer than its back legs. It walks or runs, just like a dog or cat walks or runs. Its front legs are slightly longer than its back legs.

Why does a cat rub up against my legs and purr?

Cats rub up against humans to get their scent on them. That way the human seems more familiar to them.

What is good example of a syllogism?

All cats have four legs A table has four legs Therefore a cat is a table.

2 legs sat on 3 legs eating 1 leg 4 legs jumped on 2 legs 2 legs got mad at 4 legs threw 3 legs at 4 legs?

2 legs is a humain 3 legs is a stool 1 leg is a fish 4 legs is a cat

What does it mean when cats knead legs slowly and shake tail rapidly?

I would think a cat is stalking a bird. My cat shakes her tail rapidly when she sees a bird. She kneads her legs when she is stalking.

How does a bobcat travel?

bobcats travel with there legs they do the cat walk

Do cat lift their legs to pee?

Not usually, male dogs do.

How much does the average house cat weigh?

average weight for a house cat between 8 – 12 lbs. My cat weighs 19 lbs (see my Bio) he also stands 3 ft high on his hind legs. It also depends on being female or male, males tend to weigh more, and eat more!!!

Your cat is loosing her fur on her legs does this mean she is really sick or something else is going on She is an inside cat?

your cat could be sheding or she might have allergies

Can you give me a clue about how may do the cat have feet?

A healthy and normal cat has 4 feet attached to 4 legs.

7 girls each girl has 7 cats each has 7 kittens how many legs?

does each girl have seven cats or one cat each? there are 406 legs There are 10,990. 7 girls, 49 backbacks, 강아지 눈물 343 big cats 2401 small cats. girls, 14 legs 1,372 big cat legs, 9,604 kitten legs.

What is origin of more than one way to skin a cat?

The English version of more than one way to skin a cat originated with gymnastics. A gymnastic exercise performed that involves passing the feet and legs between the arms while hanging by the hands from a horizontal bar.

Why have cats got 4 legs?

The cat has 4 legs so that it can balance evenly and so that it doesn’t topple over!

Is it normal for a cat to have weak hind legs?

No, cats usually have strong legs for them to be able to jump far and balance or from a fall.

There are 7 girls – Each girl has 7 backpack – Each backpack has 7 big cats – Each big cat has 7 little small cats each cat has 4 legs?

7 girls = 14 girl legs 7 x 7 x 7 big cats = 343 big cats = 1,372 big-cat legs 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 small cats = 2,401 small cats = 9,604 small-cat legs 14 + 1,372 + 9,604 = 10,990 total legs

How many legs do 3 dogs 2 cats and 2 monkey have?

# A dog has 4 legs. 3 dogs have 12 legs. # A cat has 4 legs. 2 cats have 8 legs. # A monkey has 2 legs. 2 monkeys have 4 legs. # 12 + 8 + 4 = 24 legs.

What is the best way to hold a cat?

If you hold a cat, you should support its butt and legs, while holding the upper stomache.


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