Window Tinting in NYC & Long Island – The Current Laws and Controversy

Window tinting laws in NYC and Long Island are getting to be much stricter during the last several years. Up until the 1990’s, you had been legally able to have shade of window film on your vehicle. However, currently, residents are only allowed a small part of shade on the automobiles.

Although many individuals get their car windows tinted because of the looks, it can be very beneficial. Certain forms of window film can block approximately 99% of UV rays, protecting an individuals body as well as the car’s interior in the harsh NYC and Long Island sun. Window tint can also block up to 80% of Infrared light, which may be quite as damaging. These benefits are already a large part of NYC and Long Island residents’ arguments as to why the current window tinting film laws are too strict.

As of 2010, the laws in NYC and Long Island for window tint on cars is as follows:

Windshield – You are allowed non-reflective window film only at the top 6 inches.

Front & Backside Windows – Your tint must allow no less than 71% of light in (29% dark or less)

Back Windshield – Any darkness is allowed

Although, these laws might appear reasonable with a, many New York residents believe they are restrictive, pointless and just plain ridiculous. They argue that lower than 30% darkness is virtually nothing, as well as the law should allow more than this. It is most disturbing to folks who wish tinted windows strictly for your looks. Less than 30% darkness in window film is easily seen through, and gives the auto owner much less privacy than they would really like.

However in the state’s defense, Static Films these laws don’t prevent anyone from protecting themselves of their car through the sun. Although a great deal more expensive, there are lots of varieties of window tint which can be perfectly clear, but nevertheless block UV rays and Infrared light.

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